Only 100% control guarantees you 99% security. That's why you need your very own URL shortener.


Discover what all the buzz is about!

As you probably know, was a free URL-shortening service. But, because of some dishonest people, we went down the same path as many other URL shortening services - we decided to shut down our platform because, just like Google, we love fishing, but we hate phishing.

We know that most people who need URL shortening for business and branding are honest. That's why instead of shutting down our platform and just disappearing, we decided to show you how to set up a URL-shortening platform for your very own needs.

Three Steps To Your Freedom

Don't depend on platforms that may shut down at any moment!


It's the first thing you need - the domain you already have or a newly registered one.


A home for your URL shortening platform. Cheapest shared hosting is perfectly fine.


The door to your freedom. Upload the script and enjoy your very own URL-shortening platform.

Video Tutorial

Premium 2-Letter Domains